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Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation

Experienced business and commercial litigators

Business and commercial litigation can be extremely stressful and time consuming.  Our attorneys have experience assisting clients with commercial litigation and business disputes that threaten our clients' livelihoods and means of financial security.  Because our lawyers have a reputation for trying cases, we know how to properly prepare for trial and negotiate successful settlements.  We are experienced in all aspects of commercial and business litigation, including complex discovery motions and ediscovery issues.  We have experience working with forensic experts to engage in complicated discovery techniques involving cell phones, laptops, and hard drives.  

Bet-the-company litigators

Olson Brooksby also has experience in bet-the-company litigation.  These are lawsuits that have the potential to destroy or outright obliterate a company.  Generally they are complex and involve multiple parties, layered discovery issues, and confidentiality concerns.  We have experience successfully negotiating settlements in these cases and preserving the companies we represent.  We know how to navigate high stakes cases when businesses and livelihoods are on the line.  

Olson Brooksby represents both businesses and individuals

We represent individuals and businesses in a wide variety of disputes, including contract and partnership disputes, business torts, professional malpractice defense, protection of customer and client lists, trade secrets, injunctions, and enforcement of noncompete agreements and restrictive covenants. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and individuals.

We offer big firm skills coupled with boutique firm efficiency, responsiveness, and attentiveness

Our lawyers are seasoned litigators who can engage in the rigorous motion practice required of complex business litigation, including preliminary injunctions and expedited discovery motion practice.  The advantage of choosing Olson Brooksby is that our lawyers were shareholders at a large regional firm before starting their own firm.  We offer big firm skills coupled with boutique firm efficiency, responsiveness, and attentiveness.  We understand the quick-moving particularities of trade secret and restrictive covenant litigation. We devote ourselves to learning about and understanding our clients' businesses so that we can effectively and efficiently provide guidance concerning everything from insurance to restrictive covenants and noncompetes.  As small business owners ourselves, we are uniquely familiar with the complex nature of building, running, and preserving a business.  

Contract litigation, including surrogacy contracts and credit card litigation

The lawyers at Olson Brooksby have decades of experience analyzing and litigating contracts.  We know how to effectively navigate arguments concerning nuanced contract interpretation, including the seeming minutiae of punctuation placement and word choice.  We have experience with oral contracts sealed with a handshake, as well as complex contracts that consist of reams of paper.  

Surrogacy is extremely popular here in Portland, Oregon.  Olson Brooksby is one of the few firms in Oregon that has experience with surrogacy contracts, negotiation, and litigation. 

Olson Brooksby also has experience litigating contractual claims involving credit card companies, including claims related to TMF (Terminated Merchant File) or MATCH (Member Alert to Control High Risk Merchants) lists. 

Property and real estate litigation

We have also assisted our clients with real estate claims, real estate contracts, realtor and home inspector negligence claims, and complex property litigation.  

Experience and representative cases: 

  • Represented a nursing student in a dispute with a school of nursing and successfully negotiated a resolution. 
  • Assisted airlines and helicopter companies with airplane lease and contract disputes.  
  • Defended a medical group in a case involving one of their former physicians.  The claims in that case concerned breach of an employment agreement. 
  • Assisted doctors and nurses with employment contracts, particularly noncompetition agreements. 
  • Represented an investor who was duped into investing in exotic products in a FINRA arbitration case and successfully resolved the claim.  
  • Defense of an international business owner in multiple contentious lawsuits in state court and bankruptcy court in which claimed damages exceeded $1.2 million.  The cases involved allegations concerning breach of an employment agreement, breach of a noncompetition agreement, misappropriation of trade secrets, punitive damages, attorney fees, injunctions, and contempt sanctions.  We brought a successful motion for settlement conference and resolved the case favorably.   

Practice areas include: 

  • Breach of contract, including aviation contracts and employment agreements
  • Insurance-related contracts
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Lending contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Professional service contracts
  • Property contracts
  • Sales agreements
  • Timber trespass
  • Real estate arbitration 
  • Adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court
  • General trespass and conversion
  • Interference with contractual relations
  • Interference with prospective business advantage
  • Fraud and misrepresentation 
  • Embezzlement
  • Defamation
  • Mining and mineral claims
  • Defense of medical groups 
  • Home inspection negligence
  • Real estate negligence
  • Commercial torts
  • Injunctions and injunction violations
  • Conversion
  • Noncompete agreements and restrictive covenants, including noncompetes involving doctors, manufacturers, and other professions
  • Trade secrets, unfair competition, and intellectual property
  • Breach of the duty of loyalty
  • Declaratory judgments
  • Document preservation litigation and procedures

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