Automobile, Trucking, Railroad, and Transportation

Olson Brooksby has experience with transportation litigation throughout various industries for companies of all sizes. Our representation of the transportation industry and its operators includes environmental/HAZMAT, personal injury, property, and casualty cases. We also provide on-demand counseling and advice concerning regulatory compliance, risk management, best practices, insurance, and training.

Our shareholders started their careers handling insurance defense cases, particularly auto accident cases. We have litigated hundreds of auto accident cases to successful settlement, and we have been trying auto accident cases for decades.

Our experience extends throughout the automobile, trucking (including log trucks, tankers and commercial fleets), and railroad industries. We are experienced with wrongful death, serious injuries, and injuries caused by various component parts that are standard to the transportation industry.

In our experience, cases are better defended when we can dispatch a team of to the accident site as soon as possible. We recommend that we become involved early, particularly in high exposure cases involving significant property damage and property loss, serious injuries, and death. In these cases, our accident site team will include an accident reconstructionist/engineer and an experienced litigator. We are available on-call for emergency accident site visits. We are also available to provide counsel to the operator if requested.

Our representative cases include:

  • Defense of a log truck company in a serious, permanent injury and wrongful death case involving multiple plaintiffs
  • Defense of a serious injury case allegedly caused by the component part of a railroad car
  • Hundreds of accident defense cases, some of which were tried to verdict, involving commercial trucks and cars
  • Defense of a commercial truck and trailer company in an environmental and personal injury case involving a fuel tanker truck that hit an elk where thousands of gallons of fuel were spilled
  • Defense of an airport transportation company involved in an accident that allegedly caused serious injuries
  • Complete defense jury verdict in an admitted fault automobile accident case where the plaintiff alleged serious and permanent injuries and damages of $1 million 
  • Roll overs and improperly loaded or unsecured trailers
  • Road rage
  • DEQ, ODOT and DOT investigations and inspections
  • Hours of Service violations
  • Transmission and brake failures on automobiles and trucks
  • Punitive damages claims
  • Diesel, gas, and other hazardous material spills
  • Environmental remediation required by federal EPA, Oregon DEQ, and ODOT regulations